Artist Pablo Saborio

About Pablo Saborío

Born 1982 in San José, Costa Rica and since lived in several countries including the US, Germany, Sweden and currently in Denmark. During my mid-twenties I went backpacking for a 2 ½ year period in over 25 countries. After this journey I settled in Europe. My explorations in art and literature began 15 years ago. I initially set out as philosopher, but slowly my interests broadened to include poetry and visual arts. I joined the collective SPACE in Copenhagen in 2013, where 24 members share a basement in pursuit of various creative enterprises.

I have been part of several group exhibitions and three solo-exhibitions in Denmark:

Dissolve in Cosmos (2017) at Blaa Galleri (CPH)
Return to Source (2016) at Red Door Gallery (CPH)

Untitled/Origins (2015)  at Space Creative Collective (CPH)

I like to paint in large scale and my art has been said to resemble structures in Nature, both in its macroscopic and microscopic expressions.

As a poet I have been published in a few online and printed literary magazines. My early art and poetry can be found at  

Contact me with the form below or email me:
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Tel: +45 71186985