About Pablo Saborío

Born 1982 in San José, Costa Rica and since lived in several countries including the US, Germany, Sweden and currently in Denmark. During my mid-twenties I went backpacking for a 2 ½ year period in over 25 countries. After this journey I settled in Europe. My explorations in art and literature began 15 years ago. I initially set out as philosopher, but slowly my interests broadened to include poetry and visual arts. I joined the collective SPACE in Copenhagen in 2013, where 24 members share a basement in pursuit of various creative enterprises.

I have been part of several group exhibitions and three solo exhibitions in Denmark:

Dissolve in Cosmos (2017) at Blaa Galleri (CPH)
Return to Source (2016) at Red Door Gallery (CPH)
Untitled/Origins (2015)  at Space Creative Collective (CPH)

I like to paint in large scale and my art has been said to resemble structures in Nature, both in its macroscopic and microscopic expressions.

As a poet I have been published in a few online and printed literary magazines. My early art and poetry can be found at beyondlanguagepoetry.com  

Contact me with the form below or email me:
outoforbit (at) gmail (dot) com
Tel: +45 71186985