Solo Exhibition

Dissolve in Cosmos exhibition statement


A solo exhibition by Pablo Saborío

BLAA GALLERI | June 16th – 29th


Many have come here before to ask the question. They marveled at the columns and the noise. The incessant murmur of structure emerging within and around itself. They viewed everything as process, energy evolving and dissolving. This is such a time when boundaries and definitions return to a shapeless condition. It is not in vain that you ask for the meaning of meaning. To wonder why colors are glued to one another in orgasmic combinations, why the universe seems so fragile and poetic.

Now, we can approach this in two mutually exclusive ways. You have the power to construct a language around everything you see. Or you can enter this experience without the aid of interpretation. This juncture is vital. Taking the first road will have you walk through life as an atom bouncing off the shells of endless situations. Taking the second road will produce a dance, a field where experience makes ripples similar to illusion traveling through the infinite surface of a dream.

Here is a doorstep and below a gigantic void. The leap is not escapism, but recognition of the futility of narratives that create and re-create themselves without our control. We can move calmly into the unknown; allowing everything to lose its identity and dissolve back into a dream-like cosmos.

Painting displayed at ‘Dissolve in Cosmos’ exhibition 2017, at Blaa Galleri.

Painting displayed at ‘Dissolve in Cosmos’ exhibition 2017, at Blaa Galleri.


DISSOLVE IN COSMOS - Solo Exhibition by Pablo Saborio

On June 16th, I will hold my 3rd solo exhibition at Blaa Galleri. 

When: June 16 – June 29
Blågårdsgade 29, 2200 København

Most of the works are painted on glass or in between glass panels, capturing a slice of time of the cosmic flow.

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Return to Source Exhibition Statement

Statement for solo exhibition Pablo Saborio's Return to Source (Oct 22nd - Nov 22nd) at Red Door

We have reached a point where we no longer have experiences. We conceptualize every experience; we interpret and define what is happening at all times. We are, as it were, jumping from concept to concept rather than from experience to experience. Our reality has become an island of thought and we have forgotten the immensity of silence that lies beyond the shores of thinking. 

Return to Source is a challenge to this mode of existing; a reminder that prior to language and thought, there is awareness. 

All the works for Return to Source are titled ‘In Silentio’ (in silence). 

People are invited to experience the art without the aid of concepts or interpretation.